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Church History

Reformation Church Nashville has very humble beginnings. In December 2018, God gave Russell Pointer, Jr. the urge to plant a church in Nashville. After weeks of prayer, denial, and wrestling with God, Russell accepted the call later in the month to be the founding minister, and he began casting a vision to create a church in Nashville that would be loving, inclusive, and social-justice oriented. With nothing more than a vision and a promise from God, Russell began reaching out to people who felt misplaced or sought spiritual development to establish a core team. The church has very clear roots in the Churches of Christ, and we still aim to uphold the foundational principles and practices of the 1st-century church. The church's history, however, is still being recorded. We believe that God will do great things through this ministry, and we are encouraged by the following scripture: "Despise not these small beginnings... (Zechariah 4:10 NLT)"

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