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Questions & Answers

Here are some answers to common questions about our HERstory conference.

The purpose of this conference is to celebrate the contributions of women past and present, and we will engage in meaningful dialogue about women's roles in the church in the future. We welcome men and women who wish to engage in an informative and transformative experience. 

There will be workshops, singing, and much more! Sis. Carole Hamilton, Sis. Tiffany Malone, Dr. Robert Birt, Pastor David Watkins, and the Oasis Christ's Church at Athens praise team will all be contributors. There will be a 10:00 worship service the following Sunday, March 29th at the same location. Register for the conference to receive early access information including an itinerary ahead of time! Our goal is education, inspiration, and glorification.

Our church does not have an agenda beyond our mantra "Education|Inspiration|Glorification." Our lead servant loves to quote Dr. Howard-John Wesley who says, "[Our] goal is not to get you to think how [we] think. [Our] goal is to get you to start thinking." We welcome people with varied opinions, and our contributors even view women's roles differently. There will be people and churches present in different places, and our prayer is for everyone to receive relevant information that will inspire us to glorify God greater.

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